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The KSport brake kit includes everything you will need except brake fluid and pads. We dont include pads as we believe its better that you choose the best pad to suit your need rather than force a potentially unsuitable set of pads on to you and then you having to buy a second set that are actually suitable for what youll be doing with the car

  • Pair of lightweight strong aluminium calipers

  • Pair of race specification rotors

  • Pair of lightweight aluminium bells

  • Pair of steel brackets

  • Pair of braided brake lines

  • Full fitting kit

  • Fitting guide


The standard braking system in a production car is designed to work within certain parameters. They are designed to give consistent strong cold bite and to have the ability to stop the car from high speed in an emergency. Most braking systems will withstand some degree of spirited driving and repeat hard stops but it generally doesn’t take much to push the original braking system past its limits.

Spirited driving and braking generates heat. Generate too much heat and the original specification brake pads can no longer cope and their coefficient of friction drops rapidly resulting in brake fade.


The excess material is removed then the calipers are CNC machined to the final shape on the KSport factory floor.

Once machined the calipers go through a variety of checks including piston bore diameter, caliper centre width and mounting bolt hole diameter and true. The calipers then go into the paint shop where they are painted in red, black, yellow or orange as a no cost option or customers can choose from 20,000 Dupont paint codes so they can match the caliper colour to your vehicle.

The paint is baked at 200° to ensure durability. The factory can also finish the calipers in plated gold, chrome or titanium if you want to go for some serious bling. Before the calipers are assembled the pistons are checked for surface roughness, parallel, diameter of body and O-ring size.

Once assembled the calipers are connected to a high pressure air line and dipped in water to ensure they are leak-proof. The single-piece forged process reduced the weight of the caliper and increases strength. Even the caliper pad retaining bridge was designed to maximise caliper rigidity and is a substantial piece of aluminium that acts as an additional brace. Rigidity is important.

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